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Submitted by isport on Wed, 09/28/2016 - 13:13

It’s been learnt Lassana Diarra was wishing for some extraordinary facilities for him at the Turk Telecom Arena.

One of the officials of Galatasaray named Nazifoglu revealed that if all the facilities Diarra had been wishing for were provided to him, it might have become the cause of a rift between him and the other players in the Lions’ camp.

Nazifoglu says that because none of the Galatasaray players get that type of facilities, they would be very, very envious if they had seen the special arrangements for Diarra.

In Nazifoglu’s words, “As the talks began, we were told that the player must have a luxury flat and also, a couple of luxury vehicles. Some other lavish demands were put on the table too after which we backed off immediately. There was no negotiation.”

“We reckoned it was not the best thing for the unity of the playing group to hand special facilities to a certain player because others might have felt envious.”

The representatives of Diarra, on the other hand, have a different version of the story to tell.

As per them, the demands that Galatasaray is talking about were there, but, the main thing is that the player was unwilling to get into the project they had come up with and it’s his unwillingness which didn’t let the talks between the two parties go any further. It’s untrue that those demands cut the talks short.

In the view of Diarra’s representatives, the reason the Galatasaray officials are saying what they are saying is that they have to avoid the embarrassment. They always dropped hints that the deal was final. If they now say it fell through as the player was not fascinated by the project, it would be embarrassing. So, they are uttering a lie.