Turkish giants Galatasaray have expressed the fear that they will not be able to play in the Champions League next season due to the problems between UEFA and their national leaders.

Galatasaray director Sedat Dogan has said that he fears that the club could lose up to $50 million in revenue alone from the Champions League if they failed to make it into the group stages for next season.

The league leaders of the Turkish football league are expected to make a big impact on the Champions League next season, but according to the current situation, there is a real danger that they will not be present at the next year's competition.

Due to the various match fixing scandals that have taken place in the Turkish football over the last few seasons, UEFA are determined to stamp out the problems in Turkey. However, the national leaders are not that concerned over this problem, which has led to a dispute between them and UEFA.

Galatasaray, meanwhile, feel that the stand-off between the two parties will start their chances of being in the Champions League next season. The Champions League revenue has been a major contributor to the dominance of the top clubs across the world and Galatasaray are no different, even if they didn't quite live up to their Top Betfair Euro Tips status this time around.

"We must not be held responsible for an omission or neglect of the Turkish Football Federation body. The end of May to decide is too late. There must be some decision. We must have enough time to protect ourselves. They have all kinds of evidence, they have all the authority, they have to decide. Maybe we have to cancel our expensive contracts with some players. It's too much for the Turkish league," Galatasaray director Sedat Dogan said recently in an interview given to the Press Association.

Goodness knows how this latest twist will affect next season's Champions league betting, though you would imagine that Barcelona dna Real Madrid will be favourites.