Cesare Prandelli, the man who is in charge of Galatasaray SK at the moment, has urged the supporters of the club to back the players in the European Cup match against Anderlecht tomorrow.

That match is going to be played in Istanbul and is expected to sell out.

Prandelli wants Galatasaray supporters to keep encouraging the home side even if they seem to be falling behind the opposition a little bit during the match.

Speaking in the pre match press conference, the Italian, who was the boss of his national side until the last FIFA World Cup in Brazil, said, “We might get into a difficult situation, but, the supporters should keep making noise and try to make the boys feel at home. If they do so, I am sure we will definitely be on top at the end of the game. We need the home support if we have to secure full points.”

Anderlecht is being considered the least capable side in the group, though they remain one of the football betting tips to qualify from the group by the at ftbllr. Sides like Arsenal (England) and Borussia Dortmund (Germany) are in that group.

When asked if there is a sense of complacency among his players as they are going to take on a not so strong team, Prandelli said, “No, not at all. Anderlecht might be a young unit, but, I would not call them weak. They are organized and they would be desperate to make a mark at the world stage. So, we will have to be wary of them.”

The Anderlecht players have more matches under their belt coming to Istanbul as the season in Belgium starts a little earlier than in Turkey. But, Galatasaray has also played a couple of league matches. So, their players have had match practice too.