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Pellegrini Accidently Insults Mancini

Submitted by gulgol on Fri, 05/30/2014 - 10:53

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has indirectly hit out at the club’s former manager, Roberto Mancini, after winning the Premier league title. City managed to win the second league title in three years in spectacular fashion after a 2-0 win over West Ham. Despite leading the table only for 11 days throughout this season, City have managed to finish where it matters most. Even more than the victory, Pellegrini appears to have made the club likeable since they have been playing a brand of football that has been very attractive.

The club also reached 102 goals in the league alone, which just fell short of Chelsea’s record of 103 goals. Despite this, Pellegrini was a happy man in the after match press conference, as he revelled in the joy of shaking the nearly man tag. At his previous jobs, he came close to winning major titles only to be beaten at the final moment. This time around, he has taken a jibe at his former manager by suggesting that the squad morale was extremely low he arrived last summer. Roberto Mancini has widely said that he is responsible for City’s success after assembling most of the players.

Pellegrini’s comments, though, indicate that the mood within the camp was not good when Mancini was the manager.

"From the moment I arrived here, relations between players were not at the best moment. So it was important to have calm and convince all of them how to play and how important it was to be very close - players, fans, staff, all of us - with the manager, players and fans to try to win a very difficult title. But I am very proud to manage this group of players and this club," said Pellegrini, who has also led the club to League Cup success this season.