The match fixing scandals in recent times has rocked Turkish football, and it will now result in many major teams including Galatasaray and Fenerbahce appearing before the Professional Football Disciplinary Board.

The Turkish football Federation has announced in a statement that it will now be getting its verdict 48 hours after the Professional Football Disciplinary Board has revealed all the statements by the clubs alleged to be involved in match fixing. The Turkish football Federation Chief Demiroren has said that football should be kept away from the prospect of match fixing and also any speculation.

Demiroren also revealed that the football Federation has now taken a lot of steps in order to ensure that disproportionate penalties will not be given any more. It is thought that disproportionate penalties were one of the main reasons for clubs to step over the board when it comes to spoiling the integrity of the game.

Italy were the first major country to be accused of match fixing in a large way. A total of 15 teams will be appearing before the Professional Football Disciplinary Board in order to determine whether they are guilty or not. A total of 22 matches are under the disciplinary review to determine whether they were subject to match fixing or not.

"Football must be kept distant from any kind of speculation," said the chief of Turkish football Federation, Demiroren. A number of arrests have been made since the match fixing scandal came to light at the start of 2011. If found guilty, it could result in a 12 point penalty and also relegation to the lower divisions. Fenerbahce boss Aziz Yildirim is one of the 100 players and staff being subjected to a trial in order to determine their role in the supposed match fixing that occurred only a few years ago.